About Me

I do things a bit differently, and that's the way I like it!


Rough but Honest

Yep, too many days in the South Australian Outback sun. You see, I didn't always do this web stuff. In fact that's a good thing, a broad base of experience makes it easier for me to get on the same page with my clients. Mind you I started working in web development waaay back in 1996.

I don't do too many soirées with the social set, so I might be a bit rough around the edges...

I like to think, rough - like a diamond.

Expensive but Afforable

Well "expensive" is a relative term anyway, "compared to what?". Suffice to say, you don't get much for nothing. Think tradesmen, you hire them for their skill-set and knowledge. Pay peanuts and you'll likely get monkeys or at least a mouse problem.

Whatever you do to build a successful online business will take a fair bit of effort and that simply costs time and effort, yours or someone elses, the latter of which equals money (usually).

I'll do my utmost to guide you on your way to online success, but can't do that unless I'm making a quid.