I might be rough, but at least I'm expensive.

Check conditions before take off!

You have goals

Yep, saying "I need a website" isn't a goal. It may be true but without a good reason, you probably don't.

You have a budget

Money is that magic ingredient that greases the wheels of enterprise.

Unless you have budget commensurate with what you want to achieve, it's not gonna happen.

You have a team

I know what it's like to be under the pump, so if you don’t have a team (or you’re not prepared to build one) you’ll end up in a meltdown and that's not what I want to see.

You love your work

If you really don't believe in what you do, then building your audience becomes hard work that turns into hell.

You have an audience

You need to build your audience if you want to get new online customers. Blogging, storytelling, education, white papers and speaking are all great way to build your audience. If you haven't already got an audience you'll need  to build one.

You have time

If you don't have time, things won't happen, better off not to start.

Still want to get started?

Step through here please, I'll take your coat and we'll get the ball rolling.

Other stuff

WordPress Power

It wasn't always that way. Nowadays well over 90% of our work uses the WordPress platform.
Why? Why not.
It's just awesome!

Yep kiddies, a floppy disk

I tried to explain to some 12 year olds the other day what a floppy disk was. They thought I'd flipped, but that's how long I've been doing this stuff.
By 2016, twenty years!


Just like a motor car, or a computer, your website needs servicing AND backing up.

Do you have a website that is not really working for you?